If you’re still searching for your sound or vibe, we can help. Production means what specific instruments, tempo, key, feel and other elements that control what a song says to your listeners and fans! If you’re new to this, think about what a movie director controls; lighting, camera angle, even how an actor says a line. All of this affects the level of quality of the movie – same goes for music production.

Pop / Rock / Rap / Country

We’re open to any and all genres, even if they’re NEW ones.

Songwriting Consultation

South Light is owned and operated by a songwriting veteran, these studio walls have been graced by many hit writers and artists; where can we help take you?

Vocal Production

The studio lead-engineer/owner Leland Grant has produced vocals for records that have been streamed millions of times and even sold a few physical/CD copies too. Having performed on The Tonight Show and toured with acts like Miley Cyrus, Leland’s ability to pull a killer vocal performance from you, the artist, is top notch.

Beat / Track Creation

From custom pop track to grimey rap/hip-hop beats, we can create it all here!

Studio Musician Referrals

Need a live band? What about just a drummer or violist? Background or harmony singer? Ask us because we have the A-list of Music City just a phone call away.

Producer / Engineer

We have staff producers who’ve made hit records. We have staff engineers to make sure your music SOUNDS the way YOU want it to… after all, that’s what it’s all about, right?

Technical / Repair

Guitars need new strings, or microphone/speaker needs re-wiring; we’ve got you covered.